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Underserved Communities Grant Program

Where we serve determines what we see, and what we see ultimately shapes our actions as a Society. 


The Underserved Communities Initiative began in 2021 leveraging data from the

Distressed Communities Index, which is a tool for measuring the comparative economic well-being of U.S. communities. To illuminate ground-level disparities across the Greater Houston areas, a grant funding program was launched in May 2022.

This funding for Conferences is designated ONLY to zip code areas identified as "at-risk" or "distressed" with the intent to prevent the number of unhoused children, families and senior citizens living on the streets of Houston. 


By September 2023, more than 890K of direct aid has been distributed to more than 3.5K in

at-risk and distressed zip code areas.  


>2K prevented from being unhoused and displaced


> 1k remained connected


>1K with extremely low incomes prevented from becoming unhoused

Impact story




A resilient parent of three sons faced heart attacks, a stroke, Crohn's disease, and hip issues.


Sheila was able to manage her bills with the help of one of her sons, who lives in Texas City; however, Sheila's son faced a financial setback after contracting COVID-19 three times.


Covering her own living expenses became increasingly difficult, and while on a month-to-month lease, she faced a sudden rent increase.


In this critical moment, Sheila turned to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul for support.


After past due rent was verified by one of the Vincentians during a home visit, the Conference approved paying a portion of the unpaid rent directly to the leasing office; Shelia's son paid the remaining portion.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was able to provide financial assistance because of the Underserved Communities Program grant funds.

Grant Program Impact

"We are so very indebted to the donors who make these funds available. We have been blessed to be able to help so many people with financial assistance greater than what our conference can provide. Our donors should feel proud that we are making their donations count. May God Bless. "

- St. Thomas Moore Conference President

Preventing Homelessness Requires YOUR HELP

Your money helps keep children, families and seniors in underserved communities remain in their homes during a financial crisis.

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