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Underserved Communities Initiative

Underserved Communities
Grant Program

Where we serve determines what we see,

and what we see ultimately shapes our actions as a Society.

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Underserved Communities Initiative 

Began in 2021 leveraging data from the

Distressed Communities Index, which is a tool for measuring the comparative economic well-being of U.S. communities. To illuminate ground-level disparities across the Greater Houston areas, a grant funding program was launched in May 2022.

This funding for Conferences is designated ONLY to zip code areas identified as "at-risk" or "distressed" with the intent to prevent the number of unhoused children, families and senior citizens living on the streets of Houston


Preventing Homelessness requires YOUR HELP.

Make a difference today. 

Your money helps keep children, families and seniors in underserved communities remain in their homes during a financial crisis.

Home Visit

The essential elements of the Society are spirituality, friendship, and service. These elements are the essence of a home visit with those who are in immediate need of assistance. By visiting their homes, Vincentians experience first-hand their living conditions and needs.


Although Vincentians are not case workers, they do undergo special training to learn how to interact with the diverse communities of the Greater Houston area in a compassionate manner. Families are provided the dignity deserved when Vincentians allow the Holy Spirit to guide their interaction with the individual and their family members. 


Our local parish-based chapters are always in need of new volunteers. We have 58 chapters throughout the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. You do not have to be Catholic to be a Vincentian. Email our Vincentian Services Specialist for more details.

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The Society serves numerous zip codes through Conferences located throughout 10 counties. 

To determine if you are within the Society's service area, call


 713. 741.8234

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul steps in to help our community recover from what can sometimes be a devastating and life-altering loss.

Although we are not first responders, our network synergistically collaborates in disaster areas once the location has been deemed safe to enter. 

The Society provides help with the basic essentials to get people back on their feet.

Want to help when disaster strikes?

​Volunteer, give financially, or donate in-kind items from online wish lists. Drop off your items at a local parish Conference.

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